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Four friends founded Fat Lizard to bring fresh and high-quality American-style beers to Finland. Fat Lizard's beers are crafted with uncompromising taste and skill in Otaniemi, the heart of Espoo.

Established in 2015, this Espoo-based brewery is primarily known for producing top-notch IPAs, but their beer roster also includes a diverse range of other beer styles. What unites them all is their straightforward approachability and easy drinkability.



The story of Fat Lizard begins from the garage days of Hessu Ylinen, Topo Koskipää, and Kalle Valkonen. Their self-made 20-liter equipment is put to diligent use.


Eero Kukko steps in as a salesman and Topi Kairenius as a brand designer. Fat Lizard's first commercial beer – 101 California Pale Ale – is launched. Kalle switches to whiskey business but stays at Fat Lizard as a consultant.


The Espoo-based craft beer receives a warm reception, prompting them to get serious about brewing. Moving to Otaniemi increases production twentyfold with ANT-Systems equipment. The Himabisse homebrew competition is launched in collaboration with Brewdog Helsinki.


Beer Shop opens its doors and the first partner restaurant Fat Lizard starts operating in Otaniemi.

The Fat Lab prototype series kicks off with a collaboration with Children of Bodom. Their Lake Bodom Lager becomes an instant hit. By the end of the year the staff grows to twelve.


Beer Shop expands into a taproom. The restaurant family grows with two new locations – Herttoniemi and Helsinki center. Topo catches a beer bandit, and the van theft becomes a hot news headline of the summer. Bike 4 Beer Club biking club is established.


A can shortage, a.k.a. candemia leads to a production break lasting for several weeks. However, the brewery manages to overcome the challenge successfully. Later in the spring, Fat Lizard launches an alcohol-free, hop-infused sparkling water Hopply. The brewery's beer production exceeds the microbrewery limit, leading to lose permits for strong beer take-away sales from the brewery store.


The collaboration with Children of Bodom deepens when Murder Point IPA is released in February. An aluminum shortage results in ending the production of 360° End lids, prompting Fat Lizard to switch to regular can lids. Production exceeds one million liters for the first time.


Splitty Westy West Coast DIPA wins the best IPA of Finland 2023 in The Best Beer of Finland -competition.




Fat Lizard Brewing Company's values are all about being socially responsible and caring for people, the environment, and animals. We hold ourselves to high quality standards, and with an unwavering commitment, we aim to contribute to the development of Finnish beverage and restaurant culture.


In 2023, Fat Lizard Brewing Co. employs over 20 folks and strives to keep our crew healthy and happy all year round. Our employee health program provides quick access to professional care, whether it's for physical or mental well-being.


Promoting equality is one of the core values at Fat Lizard. We proudly emphasize the importance of acceptance and solidarity throughout the year. Part of our annual donations goes toward supporting mental health initiatives, underprivileged families, and in recent years, those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.


Fat Lizard, true to its name, is an animal-loving company, as evident in our annual support for various animal welfare organizations.



We want Fat Lizard's beers to not only taste great but also be well-produced. We're constantly investing in more environmentally friendly and cost-effective equipment.

One of the key initiatives in our environmental program is DALUM Beverage Equipment's carbon dioxide capture device. It helps us capture and recycle the carbon dioxide used in beer production. Our carbon dioxide recycling efforts were recognized by Finnish high school students who awarded us the "Climate Action of the Year 2023" in the Zero Emissions Day eco-competition.

Environmental considerations also extend to our logistics. Our vehicles that transport beer all around Uusimaa run on renewable biodiesel and biogas.



Ensuring responsibility in line with our brewery's values must extend even to our bookkeeping. In 2020, Fat Lizard Brewing Company was awarded the Reilu vero certificate in recognition of transparent and upright tax payment practices. Reilu vero ry is a part of the global movement advocating for a fair and sustainable economic system. The Finnish fair tax label has drawn inspiration from the similar Fair Tax Mark in the UK.

In an industry tightly regulated and heavily taxed, it's vital for Fat Lizard to show that honest and sincere financial management can lead to success.

"When it comes to forging partnerships and collaborations, recognition like the Reilu vero certificate ensures credibility and demonstrates that our company's operations are pure and incorruptible. I believe this certificate will also reinforce our image as a reputable and secure company in the eyes of consumers," says Hessu Ylinen, Chairman of the Board at Fat Lizard.

Black and white icon for Fair Tax Paid -mention



Fat Lizard Brewing Co. is all about showing some love and giving a boost to sports and teams that might not always get the recognition they deserve, especially here in Finland. Our list of sponsorships includes cool stuff like women's beach volleyball, baseball, competitive sailing, and floorball, among other things.


When it comes to supporting culture and events, we like to back artists and initiatives that share the same kind of vibes as our company. We're not just into the big entertainment shows; we're all about the more niche events too, like various student bashes, music gigs, and art gallery openings. We're all about repping our local scene, so we're happy to sponsor local action, especially in Espoo.

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