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In addition to our regular production, we absolutely love indulging in the world of specialties – either with small batches from our brewery or unique curiosities, like collaboration beers. Over the years, we've had the privilege to embark on a variety of intriguing collaborations, both with friendly breweries and other creative partners. Here, you can explore our latest specialties.

A logo of Fat Lab Series

Fat Lab Series is a prototype series of our new beers. The feedback from a small test batch tells us whether the recipe works or still needs to be adjusted. More than 60 Fat Lab experiments have been done since 2018! The labels come alive with the artwork of various artists.​​

A logo of Fat Barrel Series

The Fat Barrel Series is a numbered special series of our barrel-aged beers. In 2023, the batch of Cake Break Imperial Stout was split into four different barrels after seven weeks of fermentation – finally we got our hands on Fat Lizard's first bottled beers matured in gin, bourbon and rye whiskey barrels.​​

A logo of Children of Bodom and Fat Lizard collaboration

Metal band Children of Bodom and Fat Lizard made beer duo out of the murder point water.



Logo of Johan & Nyström
A logo of Fat Lizard Brewing Co.
Image of a green aluminium can.



Both Fat Lizard and Johan & Nyström share the same vision of a slightly better drinking culture. Bourbon Jungle Coffee Stout brings out the best features of the coffee and beer. Uncompromisingly brewed in Espoo from Johan & Nyström's darkest coffee beans. The end result is strong-bodied, perfectly bitter and for sure roasted stout. 

A.B.V 5.5 %

IBU 35

HOPS: Magnum, Cashmere

A logo of NAMS
A logo of Fat Lizard Brewing Co.
Image of a green aluminium can.

CASE NAMS Autumn 2022


NAMS tomato farm contacted us to collaborate with them and at first it sounded extremely odd but one thing led to another and now there's one of the most fascinating and tasteful releases of ours – Saucy Tomboy Gose! One can of Saucy Tomboy includes one NAMS Roterno tomato. Roterno has a lot of goodness that brings flavor to life. Beer instead makes life more fun. And the laughter makes your life longer. Do the math.

A.B.V 4.7 %

IBU 10

HOPS: Tettnanger

Brewed in Espoo from NAMS-tomatoes raised in Pori.

A logo of Humlegårdens ekolager
A logo that has hops in it.
A logo of Fat Lizard Brewing Co.
Image of a green aluminium can.



America's most prominent hop supplier Yakima Chief Hops and a Swedish hop wholesaler Humlegårdens Ekolager visited us to brew a robust and briskly hopped, gluten-free Hoptimistic Beast IPA with their Elite Trials special varieties!

Elite Trials is a breeding project of Yakima Chief Hops hop varieties, through which many modern Yankee hops have ended up on the market. It often takes years to refine hops, and at Hoptimistic Beast you can taste the hit hops of the future! Read more about the Elite Trials project.

A.B.V 6.6 %

IBU 66

HOPS: The aroma hops in the Beast are cryptically named hops of Yakima's Elite Trials -series HBC 586, HBC 630, HBC 638. Old friend, citrusy Magnum is used as a bitter hop.

Fat Lizard Brewing Co. -logo
Homerun Derby 2000x2000.png


Autumn 2021


The Finnish Baseball and Softball Union wanted a fruity beer that would be a perfect pair with chili hot dogs. After a few tests, the goal was reached, and Homerun Derby Mango Pale Ale hit store shelves in Summer 2022. Homerun Derby Mango Pale Ale celebrates the long co-operation of Finnish Baseball- and Softball Union in a funky fruity, malty form. This mango-monster Homerun Derby is a killer combined with chili hot dogs or other game-snacks, but it hits the homerun as it is too!

A.B.V 5.0 %

IBU 10

HOPS: Citra

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