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Anyone who's ever stood in front of the beer aisle, trying to decide which brew to accompany their sauna or meal, they know the feeling. You're willing to try something new, but there's always that good old familiar safety beer that finds its way into your hand, just in case. Well, with Fat Lizard's flagship series, you can always count on it – consistent quality all year round, from coast to coast.

Ankle Slapper Surf Ale, 101 California Pale Ale, and Track Day Session IPA. Amongst friends, they're Slapper, One-o-One, and The Track. Just to make sure the evening goes smoothly.

Gluten free and vegan mention.


Image of a green alumine beer can with the black label
Image of a green alumine beer can with the label that has vehicle sports style
Image of a green alumine beer can with the label that has a surf theme
Best Indian Pale Ale of Finland -award
Best American Pale Ale of Finland -award
Golden award
Best American style Pale Ale -award




Track Day IPA's hopping doesn't fade even in the company of stronger IPAs. We've kept the bittering hops light to ensure high drinkability, but with aroma hops, we've gone all the way up to eleven. The aroma is crisply fresh with notes of citrus and exotic fruitiness. This session IPA is hop infused liquid gold without too much alcohol. Just perfect for an extended day on track. Track Day Session IPA was awarded as the best India Pale Ale at the Finland's Best Beer 2019 competition. ABV: 4,9 % IBU: 60 Hops: Citra, Columbus, Magnum

Ankle Slapper, named after the little waves that slap your ankles, is a modern, West Coast pale ale that was designed in collaboration with surfers. This is a single-hopped American pale ale with a refreshing taste and a light punch of Mosaic awesomeness. Mosaic entered the market in 2012. The complex hop aromas are beautifully balanced with caramel malts that also give this beer its deep amber color and stoke. The result is a highly drinkable surf ale with lots of character. ABV: 5,2 % IBU: 35 Hops: Mosaic

101 California Pale Ale is our first commercial beer. It hit the market on the brewery's birthday, February 2015. We wanted to have classic 80's Californian style Pale Ale as our first beer. The starting point for the recipe was easy drinkability and flawless taste. According to the name, 101 is an insert to the subject, in this case craft beer. What would be better first beer than 101, a basic, light and fruity beer, without overpowering bitterness. The aroma is characterized by citrus brought by Amarillo and Cascade hops, gentle tartness and a touch of exotic fruit. The name 101 California Pale Ale also refers to the highway that crosses the west coast of the United States – U.S. to Highway 101. For the people of Greater Espoo, 101 means Circle 1, which starts at our brewery and covers the entire Cape of Helsinki. Circle 1's bus number happens to be 101. ABV: 5,4% IBU: 30 Hops: Amarillo, Cascade

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