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Within the current year, a four-hectare beer-themed amusement park, Fat Beer Land, is set to rise in Otaniemi, Espoo. The project, orchestrated by Fat Lizard Brewing Company, is already underway. The area will feature, among other attractions, indoor surfing, a beer slide, a beer tram, and a Ferris wheel with saunas in its cabins.

World Class Amusement Park Project

Espoo-based brewery Fat Lizard Brewing Co. is constructing a gigantic beer-themed amusement park in Otaniemi. The experience center is set to be completed by the summer of 2025. Except for the water park Serena and the bar street in Kivenlahti, Espoo has so far lacked a family entertainment center. According to the brewery, the project, currently bearing the working title Fat Beer Land, started 'by accident, as the best ideas always do.'


– On just an ordinary Monday, a loud exclamation was heard from our production hall that 'this is one hell of a circus.' That's where the idea took off, recalls Toivo Piski, the creative director of Fat Lizard.


'The project started by accident, as the best ideas always do.'


The Espoo entertainment committee confirms that the brewery has submitted a plan reservation to the urban planning committee for a four-hectare theme park. The timing of the project fits into the zoning reform of the Otaniemi area, and construction work is set to begin in the spring of 2024.


Rare Concept in Finland

The Fat Lizard amusement park project is unusual in Finland in terms of its scale and financing model. Over two hundred attractions as well as several shops and restaurants are planned for the four-hectare area. Alan Dorkin, project manager at consulting firm Suspectum Oy, is excited about all as whole.


– The absolute highlight will be the Lake Bodom camping area with its beer slide. Meanwhile, Sauna Wheel is a Ferris wheel where all 24 cabins are saunas. On a clear day, you can see as far as Kerava from the highest point of the wheel. The park will feature the year-round Ankle Slapper indoor surfing hall, Track Day bumper car track, and a chapel pub concept in the Jesus Lizard crypt. The area will be serviced by the 301 Hop On Hop Off light rail, describes Dorkin.


'The definite highlights will be the Lake Bodom camping area with its beer slide, the Track Day bumper car track, and the Jesus Lizard pub and chapel.'


To finance the project – which sounds expensive – creative solutions are being used. A preliminary capital loan of over 20 million euros has been arranged with a Chinese robotics company that will supply the area with giant lizard robots and a rodeo simulator. Amusement park entrepreneurs were also delighted to learn that the widow of the former ruler of the Kingdom of Zamunda, Jaffe Joffer, would donate a whopping 26.8 million pounds (31.3 million euros) to Fat Beer Land.


– This is like every little kid's dream come true, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Beer influencer Hiiva Hänninen has also promised to post about this, Piski and Dorkin exclaim excitedly together.


The architect agency's rendering below reveals the comprehensive first-phase construction plans for the Otaniemi Kivimies area.

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